Promoting Better Instagram Interaction

Three Quick Tips on Promoting Better Instagram Interaction

As a social media platform, Instagram is literally the most active with a mammoth 1 Billion users spread all over the globe and a mind-boggling 75 million active users every month. It is also one of the most interactive platforms, with great photographs getting likes and reactions within seconds because the posted photographs provide a far more energetic stimulus than the rest of the social media can ever aspire for. In Instagram, a very important role is played by likes and comments; not only can you gauge your followers’ reaction to the posted content but also it is a very effective way of generating additional followers.

However, frequent interaction can only be ensured if your user profile and the content you post are sufficiently stimulating for your followers to engage with you. Some useful tips to enhance your Instagram account engagement:

Ensure That You Post Regularly

Even if you have devoted a lot of time to formulate your content strategy, it is not going to work if there’s a lack of relevant material to publish. You do not have to succumb to the pressure of posting a lot of photographs just to demonstrate your enthusiasm and activity level. It is enough to post just one image as long it is relevant, of high quality, and has a unique story to tell. These attributes of relevance and quality are common to all popular Instagram accounts as you will discover from a quick perusal.

Instagram users all over the world are a discerning lot with photography as their passion. They will always expect that the content posted by those they follow will be extremely high, and relevant to their interests. You should make a conscious effort to stock up on photographs that you can post, and do not dispose of the entire lot in one go just because you want to show off. However, if you telling a particular story then do not post randomly as it may spoil the sequence.

Get the Posting Time Right

Just because social media platforms work around the clock, does not mean that you can post at any time that you feel like. In social media, more than anywhere else, the issue of timing is crucial because if the timing is not right, the target audience will perhaps never get to see your post at all. There are numerous studies available on the web that have reported on the best times for businesses and sectors to post, but this can differ greatly by the location. You need to experiment with your own way to identify the time slots that seem to be working better for you in terms of getting likes or even Instagram followers. You should also make an effort to use service providers such as Instamacro to increase the number of your account followers so that a larger population can get the opportunity to see your posts.

Include Specific CTAs in Your Posts

Many business users of Instagram make the effort of getting a clear-cut Instagram strategy but neglect to include a call-to-action in their posts. As a result, the best of photographic content is wasted literally because you have not prompted the followers to do something that will result in a commercial transaction or even a query for further details that can be followed upon. It needs to be understood that customers, even if they are among the most interested, need a kind of push and a shove to get them to do something that will result in a sale, and ultimately that is what it is all about. You should ideally experiment with a few types of CTA devices like photo-tagging or double-tap, and find out which works best for you. 

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