Career in Real Estate

Building Your Career in Real Estate

Real Estate jobs are popular because of good compensation and flexibility of work hours. The freedom, income, and other perks of a real estate career may seem like a great idea, but actually, real estate jobs can be daunting for many.

Whether it was buying or selling your own home or being with real estate agent friends that fueled your desire to build a real estate career, the thought crosses the mind of many “midlifers” who want to consider a new career. If you are one of those professionals who want the independence and flexibility a real estate career can offer, then it’s never too late for you.

Here are some tips to help you get started.


One misconception about a real estate career is that it is easy. Truth is that becoming a real estate agent requires hundreds of hours of education on topics such as business finance, accounting, leasing, marketing practices, and auctions among many others. Licensed professionals usually gain at least one year of experience as a real estate assistant before getting a license. If you want to become an agent, you must factor in the time it takes to do all these.

To become a fully licensed real agent, you need to fulfill the extensive criteria required by the State Government. This was originally put in place for the protection of consumers because most real estate buyers do not have the technical knowledge about the legislation and regulatory requirements.

While the industry is relatively easy to enter and all you need is a license to be a real estate agent, getting your license is the easy part. Making a sale day in and day out, and becoming successful in what you do is a totally different story. A real estate career requires time, commitment, effort, and money.


Being a real estate agent means you cannot rely on salary (because you won’t have any). Most agents earn through commission so make sure you have enough to support yourself once you get started. Depending on how lucky and hardworking you are, it can take months before you finally make your first sale.

What the Job Entails

There is much more to being a real estate agent than just showing houses to clients. They have to do many things to close a deal. Tasks include writing contracts, helping buyers complete inspections, contacting lenders/title companies, attending open houses, contacting other agents, creating marketing materials, taking pictures, and managing expenses.

Looking for a Real Estate Job

Speak with real estate agents and brokers about the companies they work for. Most real estate companies are willing to train people from the ground up. Homebuilders also train their own salespeople, so previous real estate experience is not always necessary.

You may easily find real estate employment opportunities online through job sites where you can access job listings. Read job descriptions first before sending your application to make sure you are qualified.

Be determined, patient, and go out there to achieve success. In time, you will be making more money than you ever did in your corporate job. Good luck!