White Sumatra Kratom

What is White Sumatra Kratom, and Why is It So Popular?

White Sumatra Kratom derived its name from its place of origin. This variety of Kratom is grown in the tropical island, Sumatra, which is in western Indonesia. The island is famous for its rugged terrain. The rough terrain, soil composition, and specific climatic condition are responsible for the unique alkaloid composition of this Kratom variety. Alkaloid 7-hydroxymitragynine is present in lower amounts, whereas the quantity of mitragynine is quite high in this white vein Kratom. Other organic compounds, like speciogynine and ajmalicine, are present in small quantities.

White Sumatra has a reputation of the most reliable and most popular strain of all the White strain varieties. The White Sumatra strain is known for its high energetic effects.

Effects and benefits of White Sumatra Kratom

Please note that the details given are only for information purposes, and no direction for use is recommended.

White Sumatra strain has a unique feature. It gives a stimulating effect when taken in lower quantity, whereas a higher dosage results in euphoric and relaxing effect.

Stimulating effect: The most noticeable impact of White Sumatra is its energy-boosting effect. The strain is believed to be as effective as a couple of coffee cups. A dose in the morning or before intense mental or physical labor is considered to keep the user energetic throughout the day. Once the effect of the strain gets faded away, the user neither feels lethargic nor tired.

Pain reliever: Sumatra White is rich in 7-hydroxymitragynine, which is an opioid agonist. White Sumatra is considered a very effective painkiller. It affects the brain in the same way just as any opiates.  The strain could be beneficial for the individual suffering from any chronic pain. It can be used to treat chronic as well as short-term pain.

Help in the uplifting mood: White Sumatra strain is also used as a mood enhancer. The dose generates a feeling of euphoria. It stimulates the release of the happy hormones in the brain. Hence, it is found to be effective in reducing stress, depression, and anxiety.

Helps to treat sleeping disorder: White Sumatra strain calms and relaxes the brain, which further promotes quality sleep. The user would be able to sleep for longer and effortless sleep. It is a natural sleep enhancer. However, the use of White Sumatra Kratom is not recommended without an expert’s advice or guidance.

Popularity of White Sumatra Kratom

White Sumatra leaf strain is quite popular all over the globe and has a very high demand among strain users. Its unique alkaloid mix and earthy aroma are some of the reasons behind its high demand and popularity.

Indonesia has been using this strain for thousands of years for uplifting moods and boosting energy levels. In the white Kratom category, White Sumatra Kratom is considered as the potent and most effective strain.

The White strain is believed to be very useful in increasing focus, mental clarity, relieving anxiety, stress, pain, and depression. But, when taken in a higher dosage, it might act as a sedative.

We do not recommend its usage; the details given in this article is for information purpose.