balance the chakras and gain harmony

Tips to balance the chakras and gain harmony

Once you have aligned the chakras, your energy will be connected with your needs and desires, you will achieve inner peace and happiness.

Balancing the chakras is an everyday job. These are flows of energy that are within us and influence different aspects: physical, mental, and emotional of our being. We have 7 in certain areas of the body, which must be in balance so that we can feel good.

Yoga exercises

Yoga is an excellent exercise to relax and balance your chakras. It is recommended to start with the lower part of the body and gradually work your way up.

To work the heart chakra, it is recommended to do the child’s pose, that is, put your torso on your legs, place your forehead on the floor, and your arms back. This posture helps you to rest, to recognize your heart, and to make your mind feel the sanction of mother earth.


A good meditation can help you harmonize and unblock your seven chakras. You don’t need to do it for hours, with a few minutes a day you can do it. Be aware of your breathing, listen to how the air enters and leaves your body as you inhale and exhale.

To be able to connect, it is recommended to do it in a quiet place, in contact with nature, and if you wish, you can even guide yourself with music or audio with your favorite meditation. In the end, you will feel much calmer / and with a lot of energy.

Think in mantras

Mantras are also an excellent alternative to align the chakras. Some of them are om, om ah hum, om tare tuttare, om Namah Shivaya, om mani Padme hum. Although each person can also create their own to meditate, calm down. Or strengthen since they connect us with a feeling of great strength.

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