General cleaning: twelve key points

After the summer, your house needs a tune-up. We give you tips and tricks so that it is impeccable and get back to the daily routine with a sparkling clean home.

Once the summer is over, it is important to return to the routine with great enthusiasm. For this, it is essential to have the house ready and to have a comfortable and pleasant space. When we go on vacation, we only think about resting and disconnecting; for this reason, the house could have been somewhat dirtier and without the desired order.

To return to work with great enthusiasm, we recommend doing a general cleaning that allows you to have the house completely clean and shiny. If you don’t know how to do the general cleaning of your house, we have prepared 12 key points for you to do it effectively and productively.

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General cleaning… what a change!

A Clean House Offers An Impeccable Appearance

If you are lazy about general house cleaning, think that you and your family are the ones who will enjoy the result the most. It is time for everyone to collaborate, including children, if they are not very young.

The First Step Is To Get Organized To Avoid Wasting Time

Check what cleaning products you will need and do not have. If there are too many and it is a lot of expense for you at this time, use natural products such as vinegar, salt, lemon, or baking soda to clean; search the internet for cleaning tricks with them. Take the opportunity to see if the rags, mops, cloths, brushes, brooms, gloves, and vacuum cleaner bags… that you have been using are ready to throw away and buy new ones. To reduce trips to the kitchen looking for the cleaning product you need and have forgotten, take all the ones you need from the beginning to the room you are going to clean; you can use, for example, a large basin or a bucket to transport them.

Make A Detailed List Of All The Tasks, Room By Room, And Point Out The Objectives Achieved

Important: set yourself a time limit to carry them out, but make sure it is reasonable and realistic. Keep in mind that areas that are not cleaned daily or frequently will be the dirtiest, so add extra time for those areas.

Get Rid Of Junk And Unused Things

Surely there are all kinds of things, and in all the rooms of the house, that you no longer use. Separate what can be useful for others and donate it.

Clean All The Rooms In The House

As the experts say, always from top to bottom, from the ceiling, walls, and furniture to the floor, and this way you will save time. Cobwebs on the ceiling, dust on lampshades inside and out, light bulbs, recessed spotlights, fans, and even more dust in bookcases. Not forgetting skirting boards, skirting boards, corners, and some hard-to-reach corners, such as cupboard lofts, behind radiators, and under beds. In addition, it is essential to remove the mud from your terrace or balcony.

Pay Attention To The Corners Of The Floor

Robot vacuums work very well, but where they don’t reach, use a small brush to pick up the dust and then vacuum it up. Remember to clean the switches and sockets. They cannot be wet, but with a wrung-out damp cloth, they will be shiny. It is also important to clean the curtain rods. It is advisable to take down the paintings and clean them, as well as the wall where they are hung.

Stains You Didn’t Know About…

If you discover stains while you’re in the middle of a set-up and you don’t know how to remove them, don’t worry! There are websites with many cleaning tips that you will find very useful. Among others, Margarita’s tricks, but there are many more.


One of the cleaning tricks for the kitchen is to empty the cupboards, clean them with a damp cloth and an anti-grease product; then rinse and let dry. Also the doors and handles. Also deep clean the walls, floors, and appliances.


It is a space that is cleaned daily; therefore, your spring cleaning will focus on difficult walls and corners. If you consider it so, it includes the cleaning of taps, toilets, and screens in depth. As in the kitchen, empty your furniture and shelves, clean with a damp cloth, and leave to dry. It is recommended to wash bowls, soap dishes, jars, etc.

Windows. Inside And Outside

It is advisable to start with the carpentry, the shutters, and the bars and leave the glass for the end. Something that cleaning professionals do is remove all the dirt accumulated on the lower and upper rails of the windows.


The main one and the passing ones. Start by removing the dust and wipe with a damp cloth and then dry with another clean and dry so that there are no marks. Pass a cloth over the sheet and vacuum well under it because lint usually accumulates.

Sofas And Upholstered Furniture

Remove dust, hair, and dirt with the vacuum cleaner. Easier and faster, if you use the vacuum cleaner’s special upholstery accessory. Insist on the armrests and the back of sofas, armchairs, chairs…

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