Checklist for a perfect spring cleaning

This is the list of essential tasks to get your house ready for spring. Take note!

To Begin With: Oxygenate All Environments

It is not enough to open the windows for the required five minutes in the morning. Ventilate your house thoroughly for more than half an hour and you will see how the new load of oxygen makes the spaces look cleaner and healthier.

Clean And Tidy The Kitchen

Both outside and inside. To do this, pass a cloth moistened with neutral soap and rinse the surfaces. Don’t forget to put your crockery and utensils in order and throw away anything you don’t use. Open the fridge and get rid of that excess sauce. Also, remove the filters from the hood and disinfect the appliances inside with a solution of water and vinegar.

Take A Look At The Bathroom

And no, this time we are not referring to its decoration. Disinfect ceramic fixtures, faucets, and sink, and thoroughly clean wall tiles (it may be time to bleach the joints).

Take Care With The Crystals

The spring light will enter better through your windows if they are clean. Start with the frames (remove the dust and wipe them with a cloth with water and a soapy cleaner) and then continue with the crystals: rub from top to bottom, pass them with a specific utensil and dry them with a lint-free cloth.

Clean Or Change The Curtains

If the curtains can’t be washed, vacuum them from top to bottom. Do the same with the bar and wipe it with a damp cloth. In the event that it is possible, do it according to the type of fabric and hang them –still wet– in their original place so that, when they dry, they do not wrinkle or lose their shape. If they are very thick, it may be worth changing them for lighter ones.

Closet Cleaning: Take Out, Choose, Throw, And Order

Take advantage of the wardrobe change to throw away the clothes you don’t wear and take the boots to the shoe rack to get them ready for next year. Then organize the closet in the most optimal way possible: t-shirts vertically inside the drawers, garments hung according to the type of clothing, and shoes in order of use.

Change The Rugs

Remove the wool rugs and replace them with others made of natural fibers or cotton. In the event that the ones you have are already made of these materials, vacuum them thoroughly.

Remove The Duvet From The Bed

You will refresh your bed and your bedroom in one gesture. Take it to the dry cleaner instead of simply putting it away. Did you know that in some establishments they even keep it for you until you pick it up in the fall?

Goodbye To Dust

It also vacuums the sofa, the armchairs and chairs, and the mattress. On the latter, before doing so, spread baking soda and rub it with a brush on both sides. Is it too dirty? Here we tell you how to remove stains and clean the mattress.

Bring Out The Freshest Textiles

It’s time for cotton, linen, and silk. As in the bedroom of the architect and author of the Lost in Vogue blog, Eli García Cruz, with a headboard by Kenay Home, a bedside table by Catalina House, and a flexo lamp, in Sacrum.

It’s Time To Paint Your House

Dampness disappears and the paint dries much sooner. In addition, you can ventilate the house as long as you need.

Prepare The Air Conditioning

Clean air conditioner filters. If the devices are individual, you can easily open them and scrub the filters with soap and water in the bathtub. If the installation is general, it may be time to call a professional, who will have to remove them from the false ceiling.

Pay Attention To The Garden

With rising temperatures, scarify (rake) and oxygenate the lawn and fertilize it with organic fertilizers.

Spring Plants

In the garden or in pots on the terrace, plant spring bulbs (such as dahlias, Callas, or lilies) and the seeds of petunias, daisies, and begonias. oh! And removes weeds from rose bushes.

Equipment, organization, and results are the basic pillars of thorough cleaning, the ones that your house is crying out for in spring to get rid of everything that reminds you of the cold months.



The first thing you have to do is check the utensils and cleaners you have. If you prefer homemade solutions, it will be enough for you to have vinegar, lemon, baking soda, and ammonia on hand; also jars were to make the mixtures. Remember that it is important to have specific cleaning material, such as a window cleaner with a sponge on one side and rubber on the other or a simple vacuum cleaner.

The material

Regarding rags or ballet flats, use the same criteria as with the textiles in your home: 100% natural materials are better (and healthier) and do not leave traces or lint.


Start by making a complete to-do list adapted to the arrival of good weather. If you don’t have time, you’re in luck, here we have prepared a downloadable pdf so that you always have it at hand and don’t forget any of the important tasks. Click on it and let’s start!


They will be visible as soon as you have crossed out each and every one of the suggested points from the checklist. It is no use washing the curtains if you do not waste time cleaning the windows thoroughly afterward. And if you don’t start ‘getting gardening’ outside as soon as possible, summer will catch you ‘with these hairs’.

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