How to plan a cheap vacation

Objective: Summer ‘low cost’. We know that this year changes our concept of vacations, but also how to enjoy a change of scenery for a little. Covid-19, confinement, and quarantine have left us with a different summer in sight. For many reasons. The most outstanding is that we do not know very well how we will be able to move. But the economic situation also makes us rethink the budget that we can invest in the summer. So this year’s vacations will be low cost for many. We have wondered how to plan cheap vacations: where to cut back, how much can be saved, and what can we do… without a doubt, this topic interests us all.

How To Plan A Low-Cost Vacation?

To begin with, this year it is a good idea to be clear that travel in our country will help hotels and restaurants to recover from the post -Covid break. Consider discovering Spain and its corners on your vacation as a couple or with children. Let’s think that in this way, in addition, you also save on travel costs because you can always use the car instead of the plane to get around, do it by bus or train without spending hours and hours on the trip. Accommodation and transportation are the categories that account for most of the budget for vacations.

Extra Cheap Vacation

We have in mind all those who have lost their jobs or have seen their income reduced. It is time to think about enjoying our house, the community pools, the municipal pools in the neighborhood where you live, visiting friends with pools… but if you have a terrace or patio, even a garden; it may be time to incorporate a removable pool into your outdoor space or a shower. The first ones are more expensive but they guarantee you the dip. In this way, you can even invite your family and friends to a pool and barbecue day. You will have the best company, a very different summer plan and for a low price. This tubular removable pool model is from the Laghetto by AstralPool brand by Fluidra. You do not need any special device or prior authorization for installation. It is enough that the ground is level.

Low-Cost Vacations

If you are one of those who wants to go on vacation this summer, we detail how you can plan them on a low budget. Adapt your plan according to trips alone or with children:

  • Visit friends and relatives who have second homes. This year may be the time to extend the stay in those houses that usually visit only a few days in summer. In this way, you save accommodation in a hotel or hostel. You can save between €40-150/per night depending on the type of establishment and its category.
  • Think of the campsites. It is always a way to be in contact with nature and for a lower price than in a hotel. Planning a low-cost vacation in this way will be a lot of fun. There are campsites of different categories. In them, you can sleep in a tent, motorhome, or bungalows -which becomes what is known as glamping-. Some offer a rate per plot (includes the reservation of a space of between 60 and 100 square meters for a car, tent or caravan. Look at whether it includes electricity or the stay).
  • Travel by motorhome or van. Closely linked to camping. It may be that you have it and you are already passionate about the freedom that this way of traveling gives you or that you can ask a friend for it. If you rent it, you will already have a higher expense; but you can still save quite a bit compared to the price you would pay for hotel accommodation. Think that you have to know the places where you can camp with a motorhome or van.
  • Apartments for rent. With an apartment, you have the accommodation but the possibility of organizing yourself in terms of meals. It gives you the option of preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinner at home and thus avoiding the expense of eating out every day of the summer holidays. You can prepare sandwiches or salads to take away and spend the day out. Something similar happens with an aparthotel (opposite the hotel). Do you dare to plan this year’s summer vacations with children?

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