when use a Humidifier

When to Use a Humidifier?

It turns out to be easier to perceive too much humidity, hot and soaked with sweat than to notice the dryness of the air, even if hoarseness, and difficulty in breathing, are already enough to justify the use of a humidifier. In fact, there are situations in which a humidifier is not only recommended but essential. Let’s see when to use a humidifier. Also, go through the humidifier for dry eyes.

Heating with radiators

The heating of domestic environments, with the classic boiler that circulates hot water inside the radiator elements, in aluminum or cast iron, also has the ability to dry the air too much, especially in the areas closest to the radiant plates. The situation is even less manageable if the heating system is centralized because you can’t even easily adjust the temperatures. In these cases, switching on a humidifier becomes essential, better if regulated by a timer that activates it at the same time as the boiler is switched on. The tubs full of water attached to the elements, the humidifiers for radiators, are not enough, because only a powerful humidifier is capable of distributing the mist throughout the room.

Heating with stoves

Even the individual heating elements, powered independently, dry the air in the room where they are switched on, especially in the case of catalytic stoves, or those with electric resistance, because they are able to very quickly bring the ambient humidity below 40%. . It is better if they are sand-filled alloy stoves, which release heat more slowly and progressively, but even with the latter, it is necessary to check and humidify often. And there are still those who light the fireplace in the house, use wood stoves or have an economic kitchen. The ability of the flame from wood and coals to dry the air is proverbial, so much so that it is very useful in mountain huts, or in farmhouses built in the valleys, areas rich in water and humid air, but in the city,

Warm Seasons

We tend to think that heat brings only moisture with it, but this is not always true. There are sultry days when temperatures completely dry out the atmosphere, and you can’t breathe indoors. In fact, it is enough for temperatures to rise above 20 degrees for the air to dry, and children begin to suffer. Also in these cases, the solution is to turn on a humidifier, perhaps moving it from room to room, in order to return the right percentage of water to all the rooms of the house or to place a couple of them in the busiest areas, such as the living room and bedroom.

Lack of Air Exchange

The feeling that there is no air is probably one of the most alarming signs, at least as regards the lack of both oxygen and humidity in the room. There are in fact some particular situations, which occur occasionally, such as when the environment is excessively crowded, perhaps for a party, or the doors are closed and do not let the air circulate. In these cases, turning on a humidifier, which also has the function of purifying and ionizing the air, is the ideal solution. At night, however, if you keep it running when you sleep, then it is better to set it to a minimum or, if your humidifier provides it, you have to turn it on in night mode, so as not to overdo it with the fog and minimize the noise. Also in these cases, the use of a hygrometer is very useful,

Benefits of Humidifier

Regardless of the need to use a humidifier when the humidity drops dramatically, keeping its percentage at optimal values ​​still brings some interesting benefits. Let’s see which ones. The first, to feel its beneficial effects, is the skin of the face, hands, and lips, which are maintained at the right degree of hydration and do not crack. And the throat also enjoys the right humidity, because the vocal cords become irritated with dry air. And dry air also dries up the mucous membranes of the frontal sinuses, causing headaches when excessive.

Mistakes People Make When Using A Humidifier

Humidifiers have a setting to turn them off. But if “long-duration” is set, the mist will continue until you press the power button again. If water drops every time you turn it off without doing so (which can happen for some people), this humidity can be rich in minerals that may build up inside over time and cause problems such as mold growth if left untreated. You need to clean the inside of your humidifier weekly or wash it by hand with regular soap and water when necessary.

Overfilling a humidifier with vinegar solution can force out excess minerals, poisons mold spores and bacteria (which builds up over time) that is both unhealthy for you as well as harmful to others in an area where breathing moisture-laden air might become dangerous at higher rates than normal due to inadequate ventilation resulting from humidity.

Another property of a properly humidified environment is the ability to defend the human body from flu germs that proliferate more easily in dry environments, while humid environments help to breathe better. And his nose also gains, because his lashes need to remain moist, both to perceive the vibrations of odors and to retain impurities in the air.


Since water is essential to life, there must be some way of refining the important properties obtained from this substance.

Many applications for drinking or cooking different waters depend on their components and cultural uses. One should also understand how the human body metabolizes these materials to improve their health benefits through natural dietary supplements of the quality characteristics that require dual processing.

Most water we see does not come from natural sources. Rather it is sourced by means of industrial extraction processes, which are non-sustainable on an environmental scale.

Final words,

The less dry air helps to breathe better even during sleep, reduces sleep apnea, makes the home environment more pleasant at the same temperature, decreases the consumption of heating, and allows indoor plants to breathe, which feed mainly humidity of the air. And finally, another reason for using a humidifier is that wooden furniture, in a less dry environment, remains healthier and its surface does not crack. To know more please visit probaby.