How to choose the best baitcasting reel

When you have made up your mind that you need to purchase the best baitcasting reel, there are things which you will need to consider so that you get good value for your money. They are normally found in both left and right-hand types with the most common ones being the right ones.

Unlike the spinning reels, the handle of the baitcaster cannot be swapped out. If you are an angler who is right-handed, then you should go for the reels which are right-handed. Even with this, whenever you make a cast, you will need to switch the reels to your left hand, while using the right hand to hold and be able to turn the handle.

But when it comes to the left-hand Baitcasting reel, the story becomes different. This means that your choice of hands is important to the model which you settle for. It is advisable that you get a reel which has the same configuration as the set up of your spinning reel. Checking out the following will also be vital in the choice that you make.

  • Gear ratio: This is the number of times the spool is able to roll over when you rotate the handle of the reel once. For you to be able to choose the right baitcasting reel, you will have to first of all look for the correct gear ratio which is an important factor. This is due to the fact that gear ratio tends to affect the speed that the lure is normally pulled back. There are times when you might get the ratio of gears on reels while others don’t have.The way this works is simple and easy. If the gear ratio of a reel is 5:0 it means that the spool is able to turn five times whenever you rotate the handle. The higher the first number in the ratio, the quicker the lure is able to be pulled back to you. Different lures have different gear ratio suitable for them.

    A slow gear ratio of 3:1 is the best recommended for crankbaits for diving and spinnerbaits which are large. A gear ratio of 5:1 is great for Texas rigs, soft jigs, and plastics, while for some spinnerbaits and lures, a fast gear ratio of 6:1 up to 7: could be ideal.

  • The braking systems: It is also important to check out the breaking system before you decide which baitcasting reel you are going to pick. This is due to the fact that it helps in reducing as well as adjusting the spool rotation speed during the cast. You might want to avoid lines knotting when your spool incessantly is rotating continuously by applying the breaks of the reel.You will have to use the spool tension knob when trying to adjust the speed of the spool. It is normally located on the side of the reel handle and if you are able to ensure that you make it tight, your lure should be in a position to draw on the ground slowly whenever you release the reel. As soon as the lure is able to reach the ground, the spool will immediately stop to rotate at the same instant.

    When deciding on which braking system to go with, it is important to remember that, there are two types which are available in the market: the magnetic and centrifugal braking system. The centrifugal system of breaking usually depends on the centrifugal force and friction and normally uses pins which are inside the plate’s sides of the reel to be able to function.

    The pins are able to extend out when there is speed increment of the rotation of the spool. To be able to apply the break in such a system, you will need to push the pins to the outside. When it comes to the magnetic braking system, it tends to work differently depending on the spool and magnetic spool to be able to function.

    You should always remember that, whatever breaking system that comes with your reel the most important thing is to learn on how to spool thumb well and it is the key to have a casting which is hassle-free. The system that uses magnetic tends to be a bit complicated and you might want to utilize the centrifugal-type if you think you will have it rough operating your baitcasting reel.


  • The spool size: When making a purchase for the reel, you will need to consider its spool size. If you will be going for a stronger or bigger fish during your adventure in fishing, you might just need to get a size which is heavier. For lines which are heavier, it means that they will have to take more space on the spool and thus, you might consider buying a reel that has spools that are deeper and have enough space to be able to hold the line of your choice. The bigger the fish size that you are aiming at, the larger the size of the spool.
  • Comfort: You will need to go for the best and the most comfortable tool that you will enjoy using. There is no need to get something which after fishing, you will start nursing the pain which it caused you. So if your choice of the reel doesn’t offer you with maximum comfort when you are holding it, it will make it impossible for you to become a skilled angler.With a comfortable grip and combination of a rod and reel that is balanced, it would be able to help you to achieve more accuracy and casting which is improved.

Other things which you will need to consider when buying a baitcasting reel are the ball bearings and the frames. Their frames should either be die-cast or machined. They are normally made of two types of materials: graphite or aluminum. And at times, you can get a mixture of the two. Quality and durable frames tend to be constructed from a single material strand.