Every Beard Has a Story: Uncovering a Beard’s Face Value

Be it the full-grown mane or that perfect stubble, the chin-strip royale, or the neatly-trimmed short box style; the beard has long been a man’s primal and cultural signifier. Today, it is even a significant fashion statement. Besides the style, personal grooming equally determines the overall look. A top beard shampoo, oil, and conditioner can together keep facial hair looking healthy and happy. A hairy extension of your sense of style, self, and masculinity, your beard should be your pride. So, what are the top benefits of having a beard, and how well are you taking care of it? Consider this guide as your food for thought.

Significance of Beards: The Science and the Aesthetics

Across Australia, three out of five men sport facial hair, and nearly 23% sport a moustache and a beard. Beards have long been seen as a determiner of a man’s masculinity, attractiveness, and social dominance. But why do men like sporting beards? Let’s find out –

Protection from the Sun

Rigorous tests conducted by the University of South Queensland revealed that beards are pivotal in protecting from sunburn. It was also found that facial hair blocks up to 95% of the sun’s harmful rays, preventing serious skin damage. Plus, it is well-known in the scientific community that UV rays accelerate skin aging. So, you will actually look younger with a beard, not older!

Helps with Allergies and Asthma

Men with beards are less prone to suffering from severe cases of allergies or asthma. This is because hair, be it in beards, moustaches, or even nose hair is designed to trap pollen and dust. This prevents these irritants from reaching the respiratory system. Since the allergens are kept at bay, the chances of other diseases like throat infections are reduced. However, if you already have an allergy, ensure your grooming products, such as beard shampoo, conditioner, etc., are suitable for you.

Natural Insulator and Moisturiser

Australia experiences pretty icy winters, and the wind can be harsh, especially on the face. Since it’s much more challenging to find relevant protection for the face, a beard acts as that additional layer of protection. Then, surprising as it may seem, beard hair acts as a much-needed moisturiser for the face. How, you ask? By preventing the skin’s natural moisturising regimen – sebaceous glands – from being rubbed off. Plus, it shields against cold air, further preventing the skin from easily drying out.

Reduces Chances of Bacterial Infection

Shaving can have its cons, one of which is that it leads to minor cuts on your face. Bacteria that naturally live on your skin may find their way through these cuts, leading to ingrown hair and infections. If left unchecked relevant creams and lotions can also cause heavier acne.

Tips to Take Care of Your Beard

No matter your beard’s cut, proper grooming will determine its health and overall look. Here are tips to keep your beard looking good always –

  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Wash your beard
  • Choose proper care tools
  • Treat beard dandruff
  • Groom your beard – brush, comb, trim, etc.

A Final Note

A beard for a man is his source of pride, sense of self, and style statement. It offers you umpteen benefits. You’d be surprised how far a decent beard shampoo, beard oil, and conditioner may go in helping you keep in top shape. Follow the above beard-care tips and enjoy even a full-grown mane.