Want to Create a Fashion Statement? Don Hats as Fashion Emblem

Since ancient times, hats have been a requirement for individuals to stand out in any public setting. Through the early 20th and 21st century, societal modification has changed the approach towards hats. They have now become an entirely optional part of the overall attire. However, hats’ attractive look and functionality make them a necessary part of your attire. Today, you see men and women wearing hats of different styles, patterns, colors, and textures to complete their look. If you want to use hats as an intimate part of your style, you must have the confidence to carry them.

A historical underpinning of the hat culture 

All across the western world, hats were always a part of men’s attire. It was to provide them with a protective shield from the weather elements. Ever since the early 1960s, the hat has gained immense popularity all across the globe. They were not only popular among men but women as well. You would see men wearing hats on different formal and informal occasions. The fact remains that hat-wearing culture was a popular one.

With time, hat-wearing was a time-honored tradition at inauguration events and other formal settings. Successors of the aristocratic section of society chose different hat styles not only for traditional but also for less formal occasions. The formal homburg was very popular in the 1950s. You would see Hollywood stars and other famous personalities experimenting with hat styles. It was to cover their heads from the grinding sun and create a fashionable and mysterious appeal.

Analyze cultural modification of hat lineage 

After World War II, people started using uniform headwear and helmets instead of hats. More and more civilians began taking an interest in other options. Whatever be the historical case, there was a decline in the hat culture. The hat renaissance is something that lasted for more than 15 years. The stylish turn has a lot to do with television shows and other popular events. In all these settings, hats were depicted as obsolete. The modern man started looking for other alternatives.

But the modern fashion industry had something else in its store. There was a revival of traditional hat style that started gaining appearance. It first appeared in the formal settings where men experimented with stylish headwear and gained prominence. Following this, it started making its way into informal events.

How will you look outstanding with classic hats? 

If you want to experiment with your look and create something classic, you must go for the formal hat style. You have to handle a few do’s and don’ts with care to look fabulous wearing hats.

Look for a style that complements the face 

All hats are not for every face. They are not created equal and thereby not suitable for different face shapes. If you have an oval-shaped contour, you have to look for a hat style that balances every element of your facial structure. Remember that the natural structure of your face will get elevated when you wear top hats. Make sure you go for the hats that draw everyone’s attention.

A hat that compliments skin tone 

The second pointer is your skin tone after choosing a hat according to face shape. Once you have discovered the hat style, ensure that it balances your skin tone. If the color of the cap does not harmonize your skin tone, things may go wrong. Since the headwear will be close to your face, ensure that it illuminates every element of your face. Individuals with light or pale skin tones have to go for the dark color hats, with medium size. On the contrary, dark skin tones can choose light shade hats for a fashion-forward and adventurous look.

Balance your outfit 

After considering facial structure and skin tone, you have to look at your attire. The hat you select must go with your outfit. Go for a color that harmonizes with the color of your clothes. For example, blue and brown clothes go well with blue hats. At the same time, murky and light color attire calls for dark color hats. These are some outstanding hat styles that elevate your attire and take your personality to the next level. You have to style yourself with the best elements so that nothing looks out of place.

There are different hats for different weather conditions. For the winter, you can go for beanies and trucker hats. You can pair these with scarves and gloves and tight-fitted jeans. For the summer season, you can go for the fedora hats or Panama hats which are breathable and lightweight. The hat styles you choose must fit the occasion and your personality. Hence, you have to be calculative here to get what you desire. Do not choose a hat that does not blend with your outfit. Choose a hat that integrates with your attire and enhances your look.