How to Pick the Perfect Gear for Hockey Goalies

Why Goalie Gear?

Hockey is a fascinating sport with intense team work and requires sharp skills to negotiate goals. The one important aspect of the game are the goalies who are under constant pressure to defend the goals and require special equipment gear to sustain the force and impact. When looking at this special goalie gears were being manufactured by various manufacturers across the globe. One such prominent seller of goalie equipment is Goalie Plus that promises to offer the largest collection from top brands with best prices available. They boast all the type of goalie equipment with latest technology for all goaltenders, from youth to seniors and at different skill sets with beginner to professional level.

All these hockey goalie gear equipments are designed with the best materials and are found in varies price ranges which are affordable. The team in charge for collecting meticulous data and analysis provides inputs in designed the latest equipment mastered with finesse to address the specific skill.


  • Fraud Protection: Once entrusted with responsibility of the contract, the client need not worry as great care is taken in designing and protecting your equipment and personal details. The information is confidential and the orders are manually verified.
  • Order Tracking: Full tracking of the shipment in the dashboard is integrated with email alerts to notify the shipping and arrival date.
  • Price Guarantee: Best pricing at affordable rates is available in the range of hockey goalie gear from some of the top manufacturers.
  • Customer Service: Any queries regarding quality issues, order tracking or usage manuals, don’t worry as the technical customer support team is there to help the customer with utmost care.

Top Brands:

Having a proper goalie gear has become an important factor in eliminating the risk of injuries and simultaneously not compromising on the comfort levels to execute the skills and moves in the game. Hence, each product is curate and accessed for quality to ensure its efficiency. Hockey goalies require a lot of gear because of the protection and safety measures required that exceed than that of any other player on the ground.

  • CCM
  • Bauer
  • Warrior
  • Vaughn
  • GRAF


If you are looking for customized and tailor made goalie gear, you can even go for it at Goalie Plus where you can give your requirement and get a designed product from top manufacturers around within an affordable budget. There are various components of a goalie’s gear:

  • Goalie Gloves: The gloves are basically worn on the free hand and have an additional padding to protect the forearm, fingers and palm. Some of the best seller gloves are the ones with deep pockets and more suspension
  • Goalie Pads: The goalies require special leg pads for protection of their legs from collision impact and other injuries while defending the goal. They have significantly evolved over the years and the earliest ones were made of leather and deer hair but later became an industry specialisation product. Currently synthetic materials are used that are cost effective, light weight and more impact resistant and are manufactured depending on the colour of the team. These can also be customised with sizes and shapes and density of material to be inserted.
  • Goalie Blockers: The blockers consist of a glove with a rectangular board attached to backhand side. It is designed to help controlling the deflection of the puck and creates a tougher angle and is basically worn on the hand which holds the stick. In fact, the latest technologies have enabled the manufacturers to push the palm further insides the glove to offer more cover.
  • Goalie Pants: These are basically similar to the pants worn by the forwards and defensemen gear. They are heavily padded and have a protective foam for increased protection:
  • Goalie Chest Protector: The Chest protector is basically as the name suggests, designed to protect the chest and other areas from the impact but can be worn out easily. Hence, having a top branded hockey goalie gear protector is important to ensure its durability. They have become even more protective with the implementation of newer technologies. High density plastics and foams are used as materials for protectors.
  • Goalie Mask: The mask is used as a ace protection and based on a helmet/cage combination. They are highly customisable goalie gear’s equipment and are manufactured depending upon the size of the ace and the variant requiring by the goalie.
  • Goalie Skates: They are different from regular skates as the blades are longer, wider and flatter to provide more stability. It is made out of carbon steel in contrast to stainless steel.
  • Goalie Sticks: There are special hockey goalie gear sticks and provide more blocking surface as most of the modern sticks are made of graphite and fibre glass.
  • Other accessories such as bags and knee pads and cushions.

What Goalies Plus offers?

Goalies Plus collection offers you the best pad collections for each budget and skill level. A customer can find the pads at all price range and by the top manufacturers from low to high end varying from entry to advanced professional level. Having a toe bridge, knee lift pad, leg pad buckles, mask and shin straps are just few of the many accessories of a goalie. The goalies leg pad accessories like knee risers and leg pad straps help for best performance. Each equipment has its own unique function that has to be utilized by the player. For instance, the toe bridges are used to attach to the bottom of the leg pads of the skates to initiate unison movement along with skate movements and minimize unintentional movement of the leg pads. Some the equipment are sole as replacement parts such as leg pad straps and buckles serving broken or worn out original parts. The clearance sale at Goalies Plus offers you variety of discounts on top hockey goalie gear products with customization from top brands.