How to measure for a storm door

How to measure for a storm door?

A storm door is one of the many doors that are available for your house. A storm door is used to protect you from cold weather and unwanted elements. The storm door is one of the important parts of your house. It ensures safety to the place where it belongs to.

Steps to measure for a storm door

a) Measure the height of your door by using a tape measure. Usually, storm doors are installed above 30 inches from the ground. The increased height will help you prevent unwanted elements such as insects and water droplets from entering your house.

b) You can also use a pencil and paper to figure out how much space you have in your house. You can mark the height of your door on that paper and then cut out the area where you will install the storm door.

c) Measure the width of the exterior side of the door. The size of this should not be more than 36 inches, so it will fit perfectly over your existing door.

d) You can also take help from your friends or family members to figure out the perfect measurements.

e) Make sure that you measure the thickness of your door before heading for buying one. For example, if your door is 4 inches thick, then opt for standard size, which will fit perfectly over it. Measuring the thickness will help you to buy an efficient door.

f) You can also ask the seller about the measurements of the standard size door. They will help you to get your work done easily.

g) You can choose between 4 x 6 and 6 x 8 inches, depending on the space that you have in your house. The storm doors come in different sizes, so make sure you choose the right one.

h) Ensure that you install the storm doors as it is shown in its manual. If you don’t have a manual, then you can ask the seller about the installation process.

i) The last step of measuring for a storm door is choosing a well-known brand to provide maximum safety and security.

These are the steps to measure for a storm door.

Standard size for a storm door

36 inches in width, 80 inches in height and 2-3/8 inches in thickness. Storm doors are available in many sizes, so make sure you choose the one that fits your house. The size of the storm door should not exceed more than 36 inches on its exterior side because it can obstruct the entry into your house or something else. Make sure you have all the measurements of your house with you before heading to buy one.

Why do we need a storm door?

People think that the storm door is just an accessory to their house, but it is not. Some people install these doors for extra privacy, security and beauty of the house. A storm door provides you safety from insects, water droplets and cold weather.

Are storm doors expensive?

There are many storm doors available in the market but they vary in price. Some are available at cheap prices, but buying a high-quality product is always better than buying something that you don’t need.

Materials can be used to make storm doors

The most common material used in the manufacturing of storm doors is aluminum, steel and fibreglass. People choose aluminum over other types because it is lightweight and is also associated with strength and durability.

The most important part of your house is the door, so it should be safe and secure. Storm doors provide you with protection from insects, raindrops and cold weather, which can cause damage to your furniture or electrical appliances inside the house. If you want to install one in your house, you should follow some simple steps given here.