inexpensive garden ideas

Garden ideas, make it more beautiful with little money

Do you want to arrange your small garden, make it more beautiful, but your budget is limited? You wonder to know the garden ideas, how to fix a garden without spending a lot

To remodel and renovate the spaces in a house, to modernize them, or simply to make them look like new, it is not necessary to invest large budgets. With a lot of creativity and a few ideas, you can make that messy and forgotten garden filled with new colors, new airs, and new life.

We invite you to discover these 9 garden ideas that do not involve spending a lot of money:

How to decorate a garden: take advantage of the corners

The corners of the grounds are usually a mess because there is nothing in them to make useful use of: the car does not go all the way, a barbecue can be too far from the terrace, and building something means losing space for the garden things. Everything? Bring it to life with a raised garden. You just have to integrate nutritious soil to plant shrubs or trees, precisely in that corner, so that there is a kind of small hill, and plant the plants of your choice, something colorful would be good: lavender, purple flower basil, a bougainvillea or platanillos. So how do you arrange a garden? Give it color and use!

Ideas for inexpensive gardens: put pots in order

garden ideas with little money

If you prefer geometric order and symmetry above all else, this inexpensive garden design is for you.

How to arrange a garden?

On one side of the garden, on the fence, place some rectangular pots with tall, thin plants, such as terrestrial lilies or Swords of St. George. They will look pretty, mark the route, and color the fence, and all the other yard stuff.

How to decorate a garden: levels and colors

If your garden is flat, it does not mean that it is boring, you only need to ask yourself how to fix such a garden. You can integrate material and color tiers with little.

Place an irregular line, either forming curves or angles, with river stones or marble of the color of your preference, there are white, black, gray, or pink. They are not expensive and you can find them in bags in building materials and garden stores. Then plant some small flower bushes like petunias. On a third level, you can place a bush in light green to contrast with the first color or with light flowers such as plumbago. Behind these three layers, plant taller shrubs like cypresses that you can keep pruned so they don’t grow to their natural size, palm trees, or cavities. Now you know how to decorate a garden!

Inexpensive garden decoration: place light furniture

As ideas for gardens, you can also give life to yours by placing some light furniture details, such as a colorful hammock that crosses over the bushes or grass, and some lattice or screen made of recycled wood or made of mud bricks or simple reeds. Such detail will give it a charming rustic touch. All your neighbors will ask you how to fix a garden.

Ideas for gardens: define flower boxes

You can give a new look to the small garden by delimiting boxes for trees or shrubs, placing drawers with wooden frames, and raising the level in that area. Decorate with details that you no longer need inside the house, you do not need to buy new ones: some spheres, a ceramic figure from the kitchen that you no longer use, a vase or lantern. With this idea, you will not have to keep wondering how to fix a garden.

Inexpensive gardens with colorful plants and flowers

Nothing decorates a garden better than flowers, and inexpensive gardens know that very well. They harmonize the space where they are, they aromatize it, they enchant it. To make your garden a beautiful and colorful place, plant flower plants such as gardenias, daisies, floor coverings such as sun brides, petunias or dogs, lavender, rose bushes, hydrangeas, obelisks … there are many options when you wonder how to decorate a garden!

Garden things: routes

They are not necessarily for walking, but they are for marking areas, separating textures, and giving color and shape to the place. You can place pieces of flagstone, distribute wood debris, delimit with rubber to separate materials, and fill with fine sand or silt earth so that it compacts well. Make sure that the textures you use are of contrasting colors so that they show off all the garden things arranged with the help of the routes.

Ideas for gardens: the desert garden

If you live in an area where most plants grow, you can create a contrast by integrating an area of ​​cacti as garden items. You can include yuccas, biznagas, cacti, ocotillos or garambullos. And for a cute touch, make a little succulent garden – they’ll look lovely!

Garden ideas: boundaries with flowers

If you are going to sow grass, why not leave a space unseeded and instead add flower covers? They look beautiful, they add a touch of charm and tenderness to the space, and they take practically the same care as the grass. Go ahead and create an example of cheap and flowered gardens!

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