Everything You Need to Know about Tarps

Most customers experience confusion while choosing the relevant tarps as per their requirements. Before selecting the perfect tarps, you need to determine the purpose. Without determining your purpose of usage, you won’t be able to know if the tarps are ideal or not. Do you want to use the tarps for camping purposes? Do you need to cover your truck? Or do you need to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays of the sun? 

Understanding the different features of the tarps such as density, thickness, longevity, rot-resistance, fabric quality, and color will help you shortlist the tarps. This way you can purchase the perfect tarps.

You can easily determine the perfect type of tarp once you’re done defining the purpose. Tarps come in limitless applications for every type of residential and commercial purpose. Here is everything you need to know about tarps.

Industrial Tarps

Industries need various types of tarps that come with antistatic, fire retardant, heat-shrinkable, and anti-corrosion features. The industrial requirement can include equipment covers for

  • Welding blankets
  • Outdoor or indoors
  • Industrial roll-up curtains
  • Industrial insulated curtain walls
  • Super heavy-duty tarps

Remember that neoprene and vinyl tarps are made of abrasion-resistant and durable materials. This is why these types of tarps are great for construction, trucking, and agriculture processes.

Sports Tarps

If you want the best outfield and infield tarps for sporting purposes, you need to consider purchasing sport tarps such as:

  • Baseball field tarps
  • Soccer field tarps
  • Softball field tarps
  • Football field tarps

All these tarps can be customized as per the requirement of the customers. Therefore, the specifications of the tarps may vary. However, all of these tarps will have UV protection and water-resistance feature. You can also purchase high-quality mesh tarps that are perfect to use for sports events.

Mesh tarps are considered one of the best sport tarps due to their effective coverage from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Additionally, the mesh tarps will also enhance the visibility of the event.

Flame Retardant Tarps

Tarps made of vinyl or polyethylene has better flame resistance property than other materials. As per Interiors place, vinyl is also flame-resistant. Make sure you purchase high-quality tarps that come with flame-resistance properties is that they can withstand extreme heat. Additionally, make sure the tarps follow the federal fire retardant standards:

  • ASTM E-84 (Class A)
  • NFPA 701
  • CSFM Title 19
  • CPAI-84
  • California State Fire Marshal

Vinyl tarps are known as heavy-duty fire retardant tarps that are perfect for industries looking for fire-rated tarps. These tarps not only resist oil, grease, and acid but also protect the goods from mildew. Additionally, these tarps are also UV-resistant and waterproof. If you’re looking for fire retardant tarps, look no more than the super heavy-duty vinyl tarps.

Hurricane Tarps

Hurricane tarps are manufactured through extraordinary construction processes so that they can withstand harsh winds and debris. The hurricane mesh tarps are made of sturdy mesh fabric that will help you prevent damages to your roof. Additionally, they will also protect the surrounding structure.

While purchasing the hurricane tarps, make sure the tarps are heavy. Otherwise, they might get blown away by the strong winds.


This is all you need to know about tarps. Make sure you choose the tarps carefully. As tarps are a one-time investment, don’t forget to reap the utmost benefits. If you have any additional questions, feel free to comment below.