Are Kamikoto knives the Traditional treasure to possess – An honest review

Kamikoto are quite expensive knives. Their prices come with their long traditions and the effort put in to craft them. The Kamikoto company do not make or build knives rather craft them hiring the best craftsmen. The knives find their origin from Japan, though they are manufactured in China.

Honshu, the largest island of Japan is the birth place of the Kamikoto knives according to Kamikoto reviews. Since ages, the island is known for its iron works, metal casting and sword smithing. This has been inculcated into the Kamikoto knives too. The knives are one of the few craft pieces that still keep the tradition of Honshu alive

Another reason for the knives finding its roots in Honshu is because of the volcanoes in the region. With active volcanoes the region is rich in minerals. There are age old steel industries located in and around Honshu. The steel and craft satisfies the need and makes the product what it is today in the market

Process in the knife making

  • Though the knives are made in traditional way, they are strengthened and modified according to current day needs. The Kamikoto knives making process is influenced from the Katana swords making process.
  • Katana are the traditional swords used by the Samurai – the eligible and talented soldiers of Japan. They are very difficult to make and history had only very few such swords. The swords were made of steel and were curved, single edged blade and had a long grip providing enough space for 2 hands
  • The steel used to make the swords were first forged. The blacksmiths drew the sword from a furnace that is maintained at very high temperatures. They were then painstakingly beaten with a hammer. This technique gave the metals extraordinary hardness and strength
  • The steel used were corrosion resistant
  • Similar procedure is followed in making Kamikoto knives. The metal is heated to 1922 degrees Fahrenheit

Apart from the reviews and feedbacks, the best part of the knives is that they have life time warranty. This means that one can sharpen the knives any time for free.

The kamikoto knife reviews says that there are 3 different categories in which the company sells the knives. They are essential knives, specialty knives and knife equipments.

Essential knives

7 inch Santoku and Kanpeki knife are the 2 knives sold under this category. The blade and handle are satin finished. They are sold in an ash wood box for safekeeping. The size of the handle is large enough and comfortable to protect the hands from touching the surface. The quality of the knife blade is sharp, slender and fluid.

Specialty knives

The knife sets are sold in this category. The Kensei knife set, kanpeki knife set, ryoshi knife set and senshi knife set are the different types sold under the specialty knife category

Ryoshi knife set

There are 2 knives in the set wrapped in a beautiful carefully crafted box. This is ideal for gifting. It has a slicer and a cutter. They have broad blades which is ideally suited for filleting a fish. They are also well suited for skinning and slicing. They talk a lot about the tradition. This is because the knives are best suited for cleaning fish. Honshu is an island in Japan where the influence of coast is higher. This brings in the culture of sea food, especially fish. Therefore the knife has evolved very well along with the fish cleaning business.

Kanpeki knife set

This set comes with 3 knives namely the boning knife, slicer and the meat cutter. The meat cutter is best suited for cutting large chunks of meat. The slicers are used to make thin slices of vegetable that can used in salads and also used to cut the meat into thin slices for soups and other Japanese dishes. The boning knife is mainly used to remove the flesh from the bones. It is also used to remove the skin of the fish.

Senshi Knife set

The set comes with 2 pieces of knives. The knives have round handles very comfortable and tight to hold on.

Knife Equipments

The company offers special knife equipments like cutting boards apart from selling knives. The boards are cuboidal in shape with slender edges and are weightless. This makes the work process easier. The 2 cutting boards available are the maple wood and ash wood cutting board

Recently it has started to sell sharpening white stone exclusively designed for their high quality steel knives. So far the only drawback of the Kamikoto knives was that they were made of pure steel of high quality. It is a drawback because, every other local knife are made of high carbon steel, meaning they have minimum of 1% carbon added to their steel. However the Kamikoto knives are pure. The drawback is that steel need to beaten harder to get sharpness. Even after repeated beating, the steel cannot give the sharpness as given by the carbon added steel. But an advantage of pure steel is that they never ever rust and therefore requires little or no maintenance. On the other hand, the high carbon steel rusts earlier comparatively.

Along with these products it also offers knife blocks, which are elegant and handy to store the knives or display them on the table. The 2 knife blocks offered are maple wood and ash wood blocks.