How to watch free movies online (mobile sites, desktops, apps, social media uploads)

Watching movie online is one of the easiest ways to save one from the stress of going to a cinema and buying or renting movies to watch. Online streaming of movie gives an efficient means of entertainment no .matter where we are as movies could be streamed or downloaded at any part of the world.

When it comes to watching movies online whether at home, office, store or even on the road there are so many options. Some are expensive while others may not work with your devices, but there are still safe and easy ways to watch free movies online. These ways includes; watching from mobile sites, desktop sites, apps and from social media uploads. Before using any of these ways to watch movie online, there are some things one has to consider, these things will be discussed as I give you some tips on how to watch free movies online.

Ways to Stream Movies Online


The internet and the World Wide Web contribute immensely to a lot of things and entertainment is one of them. It is through the availability of websites to watch and download movies. Mobile sites refer to the website that are accessible on mobile phones. They are in format that makes them accessible to mobile devices through a web browser.

Before using any mobile site, one needs that there are some sites that requires payment of we some amount before it could be accessible for watching or downloading movies which no longer makes it free.

Since we are considering how to watch free movies online, here are some steps to take for using a mobile site to watch movie online:

  • Surf the internet for a good and well rated site for watching movies online: one has to be sure that such site is genuine and can be trusted. This could be known through what people say about the site and comment left by previous visitors. It will help a lot of it is a popular site. An example of such site is Putlocker. This is an outline index of hosted files and various websites used for streaming entertainment media such as films and television series. Putlocker features streaming/ download link to movies released from 1912 to 2018.
  • Know the quality of movies available: after getting a site, knowing the quality and format of the movies available is also essential. If it is to be downloaded, the format of the video should be put into consideration. These movies are usually in MP4 and AVI. Choose the format that your device supports.


This refers to the site that uses formats that makes it accessible on a laptop or desktop. Note that these sites might not be accessible to mobile users.

The process for using desktop sites is the same as that of a mobile site, the only difference is that it is used on PCs.

For download options on a desktop site, the format of the movie must be considered. Videos in MP4 formats can be played on both desktop and mobile but AVI cannot. MKV Is another format that can only be played desktops.

In the evaluation of these sites, one should consider streaming quality, where the movies originate and how long the site has been and ease of use.

One must take note of the site to know if it is genuine or not and if watching or downloading on it could be harmful to ones device.


An application also known as app is a computer program designed to run on a mobile device. This performs almost the same functions as the desktop and mobile site but it is easier to access since it uses no webpage or browser. Most of these sites have apps available for download, to make viewing more easier. Before downloading any app one should consider the ratings and review on the app.


The social media is a tool for easy communication and spreading of Information. For a while now, the social media has been a platform for different people around the globe to communicate with one another and as technology advances, the use of social media expands. Another use of the social media is for entertainment through streaming videos. Movies can be watched online through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, twitch, periscope and YouTube. YouTube is the most popular social network for watching movies online with over 1.8 billion users every month.

Some advantages of watching movies online over the traditional way of watching movies are:

  • It is faster

From the comfort of your devices, you can easily watch any movie without having to stress yourself whatsoever. All you need to do is to, find the perfect website for this and you enjoy a good screen time with yourself or some other family members. Also in case of lack of power, you can always make use of your rechargeable devices and not be affected in any way.

  • It is very mobile since we can carry our devices anywhere.

Whether you are taking a leak or you are on way for a very important mission, you can easily just plug in your devices and start streaming as much as you want.

  • It is easier and can be easily accessed from any part of the world.

Sometimes some movies are banned from appearing in some cinemas in some certain countries. To overcome this hurdle, a streaming portal can be the best option for it. Just search for the movie and connect your devices to a good Internet source and stream the video or download it, if the option was offered to you.

  • It is cheaper

Instead of having to buy a movies disk or pay to see the movie at a cinema, just going through a good streaming portal will only cost you some Internet data, since the majority of them are actually very free. This way you will be saving money as well as time.