How to remove stains and odor from carpet

Whether you are cleaning pets mess or any other mess, you definitely know that getting rid of carpet stains is not that easy. It is very difficult to get rid of urine stains or odor from the carpet. The reason why this kind of stain is difficult to remove is due to the fact that the urine contains uric acid. It is important to know that any urine from mammal contains uric acid. These uric acid crystals can only be removed using an enzyme product that is meant for cleaning. Other common cleaning products cannot really clean this kind of mess simply because they lack the content to break down the uric acid crystals. Therefore, it is only best if you use products that are specifically meant to combine and break up the chains. The cleaning products must have the correct combination and enzyme ingredients to help destroy the crystals made by the uric acid. Make sure that you choose the product that will definitely match the size of the stain on your carpet. The way you clean your carpet will also depend on whether the stain is fresh or not. Below is the breakdown of how to clean fresh stain and stain that has lasted for long.

Fresh urine stain

If the urine is fresh, you can start by acting fast. Make sure that you start the cleaning immediately after it has happened. If you do not want to do the cleaning by yourself, you can choose the best cleaning Las Vegas for your carpet cleaning. All in all, make sure that you act immediately after you have discovered the mess. Do not use any cleaners or chemicals, and if you were planning to shampoo your carpet, only do it after you have made sure that all the urine plus odor is cleaned up.

Use an absorbent towel to soak up as much urine as possible. Make sure that you have worn gloves. Then, use a towel too and use it to absorb the urine. The gloves that you where should always be protective as pet mess contains uric acid that cannot be good to human beings.

Use odorzyme to saturate the stain. Make sure that you have spread the odorzyme evenly on the spot. Make sure that all the area with stain is well covered. If the urine has occupied a large area, make sure that you have removed the tip of the sprayer and apply it directly to the carpet spot.

If at all you are using Urine-Erase, make sure that you have mixed the powder according to the given instructions. This will make sure that the area is well saturated. Wait for at least some minutes before you start cleaning up.

After you have done that, allow the place to get some air. After you have noticed that the odor is removed, you can remove the residue by pouring a small amount of water to it. Then, blot the area up using a towel. If the stain will not have disappeared completely, you will need to repeat this as many times as possible.

Dried up a urine stain

Dried urine stain can need a lot more than cleaning fresh urine stain. The same way with fresh urine stains consider not using any chemicals in cleaning your carpet. Make sure that you have removed all the carpet stain plus the odor before you consider adding your shampoo or other chemicals.

The same way you cleaned the fresh urine carpet, consider looking for the best carpet cleaning Las Vegas or you can just go through with the procedure by yourself. You can spray hydrogen peroxide at the spot then leave it to dry for sometimes. After it has settled, you can then bot it up using your towel. You can repeat the procedure until the stain has finally vanished.

Blot up the area. Using your towel or an absorbent rug, make sure that the place or the spot is botted very well. You can then forge forward and rinse your carpet. Give your carpet a thorough rinse until you get the satisfaction that the stain is all gone. You can then use a freshener in making sure that there is no odor left on the carpet.

You can then leave your carpet to air or dry. You can easily speed up the drying process by opening the windows and using your fan to dry up your carpet.

When you realize that you have used a product that is for removing odor and odor is still present, always remember that before odor gets better, it gets worse. The reason why the odor is not gone yet might be due to the reason that the detergent or the product is now working. Apart from just removing the odor in the carpet, it might also be that the mess did spread to other parts of the house. To make sure that you have managed to get rid of the odor, you must consider cleaning other parts of the house that neighbors the area where the mess.

Products that can clean the carpet well

There are products that are used to cleaning the carpet very well. According to best carpet cleaning Las Vegas. Some of the products used to clean the pets stain well includes urine–erase, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, soda ash and also odorzymes.


Carpet stain is usually very difficult to clean especially when the stain is tough. To get rid of the odor, you must make sure that you follow the carpet stain removal procedures. If you are not good at dealing with pet mess, you might also consider using an agency or a cleaning enterprise to clean your mess up. Make sure that you use the right detergents when cleaning up the mess. Also, do not allow the mess to spread further than it is. That way, you will be able to deal with the stain more easily. To sum everything up, make sure that you have rinsed the carpet very well.