Rights of a Permanent Resident

Permanent Residents (Green Card holders) are granted the right to legally work and reside in the United States, provided they obey the laws of the country and maintain their residence. Read on to learn of some of the rights and responsibilities of a Permanent Resident once they have been granted their status by USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services)

Rights of a Permanent Resident: Residence

As has already been mentioned, a Permanent Resident has the right to reside in the United States, in a state of their choosing, or from any U.S. territories or holdings, for as long as they wish. However, the right of abode in the United States can be revoked at any time if a Permanent Resident commits a crme or makes themselves removable (liable for deportation) from the United States for any other reason under U.S. immigration law.

Rights of a Permanent Resident: Employment

Permanent Residents are legally entitled to apply for employment in the United States without having to apply and pay for employment authorisation from USCIS, as long as they are suitably qualified for the position. However, some jobs in the United States are only available for U.S. citizens (native-born or naturalised) due to security reasons. An example of jobs that Permanent Residents cannot apply for includes federal positions of employment.

Rights of a Permanent Resident: Legal Protection

Permanent Residents have the exact same rights as U.S. citizens when it comes to legal protection. According to USCIS, Permanent Residents are entitled to “Be protected by all laws of the United States, your state of residence and local jurisdictions”. As such, Permanent Residents should not hesitate to seek legal protection if they are in need of representation or protection.

Permanent Residents who have been granted their status by USCIS have the right of legal residence and employment in the United States. They can choose to move to any of the 50 U.S. states, territories or holdings without let or hindrance. In addition, Permanent Residents have the right to full legal protection by the United States, as well as their particular state of residence and the local jurisdictions.