A Couch Therapy Session with Brandi, the Muska Family Dog, by Scott Muska

“Hey Miss Brandi!” I say.

“RUN AND GET IT. DUH! Next question please.”

“OK, right. That’s your instinct—to go in the direction I threw the ball. But you know how sometimes I mess with you and my arm looks like I’m throwing it, but I hold onto it? And you go darting in the direction you think the ball went, then eventually discover that I haven’t thrown the ball?”

“YES! Is mean dirty trick. What I do to you ever? You should feel shame for doing this to me because I AM NICE.”

“It’s funny to see your reaction,” I say. “But anyway, what I’m trying to say is if you didn’t trust your instincts all the time, and you thought a little more about what you were doing and waited to actually see the ball leave my hand, you might not get tricked, and then you wouldn’t be upset or sad or quite as confused.”

“Is fun. Chasing makes me happy. I do not think about it except for to chase ball best I can. When I stand still until I see ball fly over head, I am not as happy. Life is about being happy and making people happy! Also: food!”

“So you’re saying I should keep putting myself out there and someday, somebody will reciprocate my same feelings and pacing, that things will just be right and I’ll be happy?”