The Popular Alternative To Steroids

Everybody loves being the best version of themselves. We see the attractive models walking down the runways or just regular radiant people who are attractive just being themselves. And then we wish that we are as beautiful as them. There is no definition or aspects for beauty. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. So, it cannot be narrowed down to a certain features that are constant for every person. But, in general, we view skinny, fair skinned, tall females as beautiful. And muscular, tall, olive skinned men as handsome. Both these classes are deemed as commonly attractive. So, we try the hardest we can to get into the best version of ourselves by exercising regularly, dieting and in a few extreme conditions, liposuction and other surgical procedures. Exercise, as claimed by doctors and everyone else, is the best option. Dieting may work but excessive dieting may lead to eating disorders like Bulimia and Anorexia that will in turn lead to mental disorders. It is just a never-ending chain. If you are extremely desperate and need to lose weight fast, you go for liposuction and the surgeries. These might lead to many complications in the future and numerous cases have been found when the patient comes back with pains from the surgery five years down the line. It is easy but also risky. Then comes in the male supplements. What are these and how do these work?

The introduction to SARMs

SARM are the safe alternative to steroids and help you lose weight and gain muscles. They are selective androgen receptive modulators that work on one hormone and changes necessary aspects of the hormone instead of affecting other parts of the body- the hair and the chest- like the steroids.

Due to SARMs being vastly popular in the market, numerous brands have been arising lately boasting their products. So, which one is the best? What are the genuine ones? gives you a detailed description of the pros and cons of every product and the aspects based on which the search must be performed. The chemical formula on the cover might be the same but numerous brands are just fake products. They don’t work and just provide you with more problems than you expected. So, first, how do we differentiate the fake ones from the real ones? The companies who freely give away their lab results on demand to the public are certainly trustworthy. Price, lab testing and reputation are all considered to narrow down the options.

  • Choice compounds are cheap and have been around for some time. Their lab results are public, and they have business down to the nail. Certainly, the best in the market. They also sell a plethora of other gear to take you through it. Bulk powders and liquid form are obtainable too.
  • Proven peptides have been in business longer than choice compounds and know all the tricks of the trade. In the business this huge, downfalls are inevitable. So, a few bad reviews are encountered but they are not many and can be ignored in the total review. Moreover, they posted their lab results on their website if you want you recheck the effects and the ingredients. The prices are affordable.
  • SARMSx is the high-quality brand that does the same work as others but are just high maintenance. They supply and deliver excellent goods and their customer care and service is off the charts. Highly reputed and preferred. Their only backlog is the over the roof prices that they boast about. They claim that if the products are available cheap, then they are not genuine. The labs are also available to the public, but a scrawny college kid who wants to bulk up to improve his quality of life just can’t get his head around the humongous prices. So, only for the rich and well-established.

The SARMs available in the market and their study

  • Ostarine: One of the most common SARMs in the market. It helps in prevention of muscle loss and osteoporosis- making the bones brittle and weak and more susceptible to breakage and fracture and tearing. It has a mild common effect and does not interfere with the testosterone levels. Only mild side effect was observed among few patients who have endured slightly less testosterone levels for a while. It also helps in losing fat simultaneously.
  • Ligandrol 4033: To gain muscle weight instantly and effectively, LGD is preferred. It also has a mild over all effect but is a natural testosterone suppressor. The effects caused due to this are reversible and harm free. It is also known to increase bone density and sex drive. It does not help in losing fat.
  • Cardarine: This is the ultimate SARM. It helps in improving your cardiovascular performance. The only SARM capable of doing that. Moreover, it helps in increasing your vitality and focus and endurance during physical exercises and gym. It also burns through your fat easily helping you achieve a great body in less time. Not too bad for a supplement. Due to this drug compared to a unicorn, it also comes with a lot of side effects like being a carcinogenic chemical. The clinical trial is performed on mice who took the supplement in larger doses for a longer period. This is not witnessed in humans till now. For ultimate results, you can pair this with both ligandrol and ostarine.
  • Testolone: Testosterone normally converts to estrogen and another compound. Testolone is the only compound that helps in drastic muscle gain without interfering with the testosterone levels. So, no more hair loss or estrogen conversions. There are no known side effects. A miracle drug. When taken, consume high quantities of water on a regular basis.
  • YK-11: All organisms have a hormone called myostatin which is responsible for inhibiting muscle growth. In rare cases, the lack of this hormone lead to people having amazing muscles. There’s no stopping. YK-11 is the first one to inhibit this drug.

Taking supplements might be scary and untrustworthy, but, they help you increase your body in the long run.