Skip your heart beat for once with an adrenaline pump of Ferrari drives

Whether you are renting the luxurious supercar Ferrari for a one-hour drive or renting it for an extended duration, this rich, adventurous experience will stay in your memory lane forever and this one experience you can tick off from your bucket list. It’s time for you to upgrade from taking a picture of Ferrari from distant to get into the real Ferrari world. With lots of models around, it may be overwhelming to choose one, especially for the tourists who are trying their first-hand experience in supercars. It is always a better idea before signing a rental agreement to ask for a quick walk through about the details of the luxurious car from as simple as from opening a gas tank, hood trunk to various gauges in the dashboard and know the power of the engines, to get most out of your Ferrari driving. Also, request for a short test drive with a reliable assistant who can give you tips about when to drive her to the fullest and when to slow down. Now, let us start exploring the most rented Ferrari models in Italy and let’s see look into its features like engine capacity, speed and be amazed how the latest innovative technologies have perfectly blended into a jaw-dropping Ferrari car collection. Ferrari cars are undoubtedly designed to enjoy the open road of Italy to the fullest.

  • Ferrari Portofino

Portofino launched in 2017 is a substitute for its predecessor 10-year-old California T model, which has more increased seat space and trunk space. This is an economical and practical option to rent a Ferrari in Italy for a family of four or a group of friends. They also provide an 18-way electrically adjustable seats with a new elegant backseat design, which helps to have more leg room for the rear seat passengers. This convertible car offers a wind deflector option which cuts down the outside air by 30% and hence reduces the aerodynamics noise, which is a commendable feature. It can speed up to 200 km per hour and got a 3.9 litre, twin-turbo V8 front engine system with an infotainment system of 10.2” touchscreen display. You can rent the Ferrari Portofino for 800 euros per day.

  • Ferrari 458 Spider

A 2015 model, Spider 458 is a whole new generation of Ferrari’s convertible car series. It is the first ever car to blend the retractable folding top with a mid-rear engine which weighs 35 kilograms. The 4.5L naturally aspirated engine is genuinely pleasing to eardrums. The 458 coupe has a fuel tank capacity of 86 litres and an 8-cylinder V8 engine with a 7-speed automatic feature. The maximum speed is up to 320 km per hr. This powerful engine makes to cruise over the hills with ease like a race track. This sporty look car is perfect for a couple for a weekend getaway. Rent the 458 Spider for 850 euros per day.

  • Ferrari 488 Spider

Introduced in 2016, 488 Spider created an all-new powerful upgrade version to all the Spider enthusiasts. 488 Spider has got a power-packed new twin-turbo engine, base frame of the car is constructed from 11 unique aluminium alloys which make it the most hardcore among the V-8 collection and 20% more rigid than its predecessor.  The muscular look road car is the perfect mid-rear-engine sports car for a new thrill and unforgettable rides. Rent a 488 Spider for 1000 euros per day.

  • Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

F12 Berlinetta debuted in the Ferrari world in 2012 and surpassed the other supercars by winning an award of “The Best Supercar Model of the Year 2012” by Top Gear, an automobile magazine. The standout features like V12 front designed engine with a top speed of over 337 km per hr made it to the top list. F12 Berlinetta is a replacement to 599 GTB and with 6.3-litre and 730 hp engine and got seven-speed dual clutch gearbox. Rent this ferocious F12 Berlinetta for 1400 euros per day.

  • New Ferrari 812 Superfast

Welcome to the fastest car ever made in the Ferrari history road car series. 812 superfast, launched in 2017, is the first car equipped with Electric power steering (EPS) and some ingenious aerodynamics elements. 812 Superfast is the new dashing model with its output boosted to 800 cv. This V12 engine is not only faster but also 60 kg lighter than F12, which is an essential factor to improve its overall performance significantly. If you are a sportsperson, dive into this irresistible collection of Superfast car model and feel like a Formula racer once in a lifetime. Rent the new Ferrari 812 Superfast car for 1600 euros per day.

  • Ferrari 488 Pista Italy

The rich engineering experience of the Ferrari’s distinctive race car creations and their extensive research in aerodynamics has directly influenced the flawless performance of the 488 Pista Italy. It is not a mere design but carefully sculptured to minute detailing from interior to exterior. 488 Pista Italy won the “International Engine of the year “for two consecutive years in 2016 and 2017. This was possible by the evolution of the efficient turbo twin-engine built from the experience of 488 GTE models. It contains 50% more new components than the 488 GTB model. Unwind your stress and experience this fantastic supercar on your Italy trip. Rent the Ferrari 488 Pista Italy for 2500 euros per day.

Depending upon your criteria rent a Ferrari in Italy anywhere costs from 800 euros to 2500 euros per day. Suppose, you have planned to rent for a one-hour drive, a guide or an assistant accompanying you may be a good idea. It will be a fantastic experience, especially when opting for Superfast car models. Otherwise, we may feel hesitant to drive her to the fullest speed. Thus, to boost your confidence get a professional assistant from the rental company so that you don’t miss out the fun. He tells you when it is appropriate to go full speed and when to downshift the gears not only in curves but also in places which you may feel not necessary. By this, they are helping you a perfect behind the wheel experience.