Neighborhood and It’s Relevance to HayDay

Different games have its advantage and disadvantage especially in this era where there are many game developers. Game developers produce games ranging from quizzes, missions, music, gangster, home life, farming and the rest. Games are developed for several reasons and most times it is to have fun and let off pressure. In this article, there will be a focus on farming related game software called HayDay. HayDay is a popular game quite known for its purity and simplicity but still growing every day. It is mostly enjoyed by farmers or people who love farming but has not started to venture completely into it. HayDay is a mobile game app that gives an opportunity for farming to be done on screen without stress or distractions. It is available on the Android and iOS app. It has quite a number of versions and it has proven to be played on personal computers in a recent study. There is an android simulator that could be installed then the official android play store can be accessed and the game will be downloaded. Play store and AppStore are the two major sources for this app anywhere in the world. HayDay is simple to play and install. It just requires following one instruction to enjoy the game maximally.

HayDay is similar to the popular farm game called FarmVille. The game is appreciated among kids as well and many of them who have parents who are farmers want to get to the farm and doing it on the mobile platform seems to be the best and closest option they’ve got. The disadvantage of these for kids is that HayDay is a resource collecting app. It is also a simulation game app for farming activities. It is for players that are more than 13 years old of age at the time of installation. The game is quite free to play and be engaged with except that there are some hiccups that will require money to settle. The money and profit in this game include coins, experience points, diamonds and other things that keep the game lively. The coins can be used to purchase things needed to advance the farm like tools, materials, warehouses, storage tanks and other things. The experience points are essential as well while the diamonds can be used to speed up a planting activity. Maybe if the growth will take approximately 10 hours then these diamonds could be used to make it ready in seconds, although diamonds are really limited. It is randomly given by the game. It is possible to get these diamonds using real cash through master card online purchase or whatever platform the game releases to be utilized at that time. The game has a connectivity capability where it can communicate with other players through different platforms. In different reviews, parents are always advised to at least keep the game away from the kids till they are at least up to the required age to save them of some little activities that may affect the petty brain of the child.

HayDay is quite easy to play but requires constant internet supply to enjoy the game maximally. It is free to play and every single activity takes quite a while to complete. Just like real farming is in stages, the game is in stages but patience is needed to advance faithfully. Especially when building shops, warehouses and personal locations for storage of harvested products, planting and germination also takes a while. But the joy of the game is there is always advancement from one level to another. In iOS devices like iPads and the rest, the game is connected to Game Centre and Facebook so that players can negotiate for resources from others especially friends on the Facebook page. This will continually be done till a certain level where the neighborhood will be unlocked and you can now constantly communicate with the people in the neighborhood so as to get any needful item easily.

Details On Neighborhood In HayDay

The invent of Neighborhood is the best thing that happened to the existence of HayDay. It is defined as a community on the game platform where players could chat, interact and help each other with issues of interest. The operation of the neighborhood can be controlled based on the agreement of the players whether open to anybody, by invitation or acceptance on request. Some of the few must-do features of a neighborhood are as follows:

  • The neighborhood must be functioning for the helping of each other in whatever means possible whether moral or physical.
  • There must be a filter for incoming players to know the language, country, sex, phone number and other relevant personal details. This will exactly define the kind of people accepted to the community.
  • The feature of disabling and vice verse must be working efficiently.

The neighborhood is a real far advance net in this game so it considered a stage very close to the climax and yet that’s not near because there are still other great tasks to handle in the future. The neighborhood is quite essential and it’s a great reward for long time players. It is often introduced for players that have reached level 29 and before then newspaper ads are used to communicate with other players and make a request as needed. In a neighborhood, it is possible to have at least 30 players enjoying the community at the same time and it is true that the more the players the more the Bond and help with each other. This is due to the fact everybody has a common objective of making a proper harvest after a while so it could be sold and profit is made as well.

Summarizing the HayDay concept, it is relevant to understand that farming is fun in real life and in game platforms. No matter the device, HayDay offers the best of gaming experience, especially with the graphics and resolution. The designs, sketch, plot, storyline, gameplay and other features are particularly intriguing.