increase sales online

How to increase sales online

Whether you are new to selling online or you are looking to boost sales of an existing eCommerce store, there are plenty of ways that you can increase your income online. With more and more people buying goods online, it makes sense to maximize the selling potential of your website. Here’s how.

Make sure your site is mobile optimized

More of us are using mobile devices to buy goods. According to Forbes Magazine, mobile shopping is predicted to represent a quarter of all eCommerce by 2016. If your eCommerce website is not yet optimized for use on mobiles, it’s time to do something about it to maximize income opportunities.

Promotional details

If your online sales are flagging, consider if there are ways to better promote your products or services. Avoid big chunks of text and product descriptions. Instead, detail the key points and features of the items, for example, using bullet points and how they each solve a particular problem. If you have any offers or discounts, make them visible by displaying this in a different color, for instance. Use good-quality photos at different angles or sizes so that customers can see what a product looks like. Consider uploading how-to-guides or videos to give you a competitive edge.

Increase credibility

Despite the boom in online shopping, many people are still wary of buying from websites that they are unfamiliar with. Attract new customers and increase sales by adding credibility to your website, so that you come across as reliable and trustworthy. According to Entrepreneur one of the best ways to establish your credibility is to include customer testimonials from genuine emails or letters from customers expressing how your product or service helped solve their particular problem.

Easy navigation

If you want your customers to buy from your website, make it easy for them. Create a sales funnel that channels them through the site where they can easily make a purchase without being distracted along the way by other things on the pages. It’s not easy creating a website that can achieve this, so you’ll increase your sales potential by having one expertly designed by a Web design agency in London, for example. Make sure you have a fully-functioning and secure eCommerce facility that customers feel safe using.


If you want to increase sales, one of the best ways to do this is to get people to visit your site. Make sure that your website is search engine optimized so that it appears high up on search engine listings. Once you have got people to your site, make sure to keep them there. Give them compelling reasons to stay and purchase. Great copy, useful information, and a well-designed site are obligatory, but once you’ve got your audience, get to know them. Capture information about customers and potential customers, and inform them of any offers or promotions you have as well as useful information such as newsletters. Reward repeat customers with special offers and consider offering free shipping.