Healthy Laundry Habits for every Household

Once you purchased a high-end washing machine, the next step is to how well we utilize them in making the most of its latest innovation in cleaning and drying our garments. Laundry is one of the lousiest and daunting task if piled up for weeks! Hence, it is important to segregate the cleaning tasks into regular sections and stick to it as a daily routine. No, I am not talking about washing the garments alone, but the upholstery used in an entire household. It’s time to give your whole home a fresh cleaning regime. Before that as a first step, Keuze Helper makes your job easier in zeroing down to buying a perfect washing machine for your household. Choose from their entire list of best washing machines which are affordable and read their crisp reviews which help to give you a clear idea of what type of washing machine and dryer suits your individual needs.

Bath Towels

In many households, people tend to wash their towels until they smell musky. The ideal washing routine for every bath and hand towels are to wash them after three to four use. In between the wash cycles, if you are lucky enough to live in a tropical climate or get sunny weather in some seasons, utilize them well by air drying them under sun. Nothing beats the natural drying which helps to destroy bacteria or mould formation than drying it in indoors. As washing the bath towels after every use is not a great idea and it will make them wear and torn out soon, washing after every three to four use is sufficient. Wash it in the hottest cycle using a suitable washing detergent.


A great cosy companion which snuggles you and keeps you warm in cold winter days or lazy Saturday afternoons when you munch on your favourite snack and watch your favourite series in Amazon Prime or Netflix, throw blankets became an essential household item in every home. But do you remember when you washed it lastly? Or Ever washed it at all after purchase from your favourite shopping mall? Well, that’s why this reminder checkpoint! Throw blankets if left unwashed for months, it may become grimy. Be kind to your cosy companion by giving it a wash every three months no matter how many times you were using it. For the least, you do not want to get cold or sneeze from the dusty throw blankets. Each throw blanket may be made up of the different blend of fabrics like woollen and cotton blend and thus always follow the tag instructions to wash them in the appropriate wash cycle. Keuze Helper helps you to choose the best washing machine by giving you all the technical information about its washing cycles.

Dish Towels

Just like the bath towels, dish towels are one of the commonly used pieces of cloth in every household, and it can become very gross over time. No, we don’t want to scare you, but for every second, E-Coli may build up in kitchen hand towels if not maintained and cleaned regularly. Many research is found that the most common place for bacteria growth is kitchen dish sponges which contains more germ build-ups than the bathroom. Thus, when you are done washing your dishes or cooking, wiping your hands with these hand towels need to be in mint condition every day. Toss it away in your washing machine after every use. We don’t want to spread the microbes and thus start your day with a fresh kitchen towel daily!

All these kitchen hand towels and bath hand towels are recommended to be used in cotton fabric which absorbs the moisture to a great extent, or cotton blended fabric is also a great choice. Besides, washing them in a quick hottest cycle helps to kill the bacteria and other disease-causing germs.

Bath Rugs

Bath rugs are a cosy addition to any bathroom which not only keeps your feet warm in freezing temperatures but also gives an alluring look to your bathroom. But all those sophisticated accessories need to be pampered well now and then to maintain their long-lasting vibrant colours and fabric texture. As these rugs can get quickly dirty due to the heavy foot traffic and also the water from your shower curtain wets the carpet to an extent which makes them soggy for a long time, it is essential to give them a regular washing routine. Washing your bath rug every week is ideal for any type of carpet. If it is made up of cotton or synthetic blends then it can be cleaned with other towels but if it is made up of rubber backed rug for anti-skid protection then wash it in a delicate cycle in the cold wash as the regular washing cycle will be little harsh on the rubber back rugs. Keuze Helper narrows down the search for best washer dryer in the town and compares their price list to get an idea of the washing machine’s current market pricing.

Bed Sheets

You may have noticed while staying in a hotel that the housekeeping department gives a subtle message to their guests whether they need to wash their bed sheets every day only when absolutely necessary as an effect for water conservation. Because bed sheets are one of the items which require quite a lot of water to wash them. Washing them anywhere between one to two weeks is better, which depends upon its usage. As while sleeping on it we also contribute to the sweat, oil and germs build-up from our body which directly impacts on the sheets. Washing the sheets every week is optimal but if it is gently used by one person or not used for a few days, then the maximum wait time is two weeks. Also, purchasing a high-quality sheet fabric with highest thread count like 500 or above does not make them to crease over time and comes for a long-lasting duration.


How often do you wash your pillows? Or do you wash it at all in the first place? Yes, you heard it right. We are talking about the pillow, not pillow covers! Pillow covers which get a wash cycle whenever its counterpart bed sheets are cleaned, but often pillow are overlooked in cleaning them. Just like your body sweats and oils which accumulate on your bed sheets, pillow also gets your facial sweats and additionally gets dirt build-up from your hair as well. Toss it in a delicate cycle every six months, and you are good to go.