Have a Look on A Brief Introduction of Clash of Clans

One of the most incredible strategy based video games which one could play on their mobile phones in today’s day and age is none other than the incredible Clash of Clans. It is one of the most popular applications when it comes to playing games on the cellphone. The popularity of Clash of Clans is not simply restricted to its own genre but has become a widespread phenomenon with players coming together from every corner of the world, joining in and participating to create the greatest of clans and clash against one another to achieve the ultimate victory. In the following article, you will be able to understand various things regarding this amazing video game and what has made it such a huge success of its time. Read on to find out more:

The Plot

The game was originally released for being able to function on the iOS platforms. It later was spread to android as well due to its immense popularity. The plot is quite simple. It transports you to a different age altogether. In the world of Clash of Clans, you are made the chief of a villager. You are the one who is at the helm and is responsible for the success of your village and the people who reside there. The village flourishes and prospers under your watch. The vice versa too could happen anytime if the necessary precautions aren’t taken. In this fantasy game, there are a large number of clans which exist. There are also lots of goblin villages. The point is to attack the goblin villages and loot as much as possible in order to bring it back home and improve the circumstances at your village. The more your village prospers, the more power you are able to acquire. With more power in your hands, you are able to conquer more and place yourself higher up the scoreboards every time you win.


The world of Clash of Clan is as ruthless as it gets. As one may notice in this website, the more one is able to nourish and grow their clan, the more envious it makes other players. The more envy it nurtures, the greater danger within which the superior clan lies in. There will be a large amount of occasions when the time comes for you to be able to defend your clan from other numerous attackers. You will need to be ready in position at all times at all costs. Strategy is absolutely critical to survive in this game of life and death. Unless you are able to place the different characters well and the various weaponry and artilleries in position for being ready to slaughter the enemy when the time comes, it will be too simple to break through your defenses and conquer your village after looting all of your treasures. That certainly won’t be a very pretty sight to behold. Therefore, make sure that you go through this website and learn everything that there has to be learnt about strategy and how to improve your village to a level that it can flourish and grow no matter what.


There are a series of currencies in the game which could be used in exchange for different sets of commodities. A village works like any other small economy. In this world of fiction, there are four primary means of exchange which could be used to acquire different items. The first one is jewels.

An absolutely necessary component to have your pockets filled up with at all times, jewels are one of the most essential forms of currency there is in the game of Clash of Clans. If there is a need for you to be able to advance faster and swifter in the game, it is next to impossible to achieve it without the help of jewels. Then you have the gold and elixirs. These are primarily utilized for spending on defaces in order to either build new ones or renovate the existing ones. These defenses are absolutely vital in order for you to be able to advance in the game with every single step. Unless you are constantly growing your defaces structures, there will come a time where a stronger participant will attack your village and win the war leaving you defeated and defenseless. Therefore, make sure to constantly build avenues to generate lots of gold and elixir and put it to effective use by building a massive fortress full of the top defense mechanisms and weaponry which could take care of any attackers who dare to come and loot your village.


Each and every fight is a fresh step towards greater victory in the world of Clash of Clans. With each fight, the player is able to accumulate more gold and more resources, while taking their name even more up in the scoreboards. Fights will last for around three minutes and you will never know who is going to attack you next. Therefore, it is always important to keep prepared troops and have defaces and weaponry at the right places in order to defeat any enemy attacks when the time comes. After reading this website, you will understand how important it is to be able to upgrade your clans in order to be able to defend your village during your absence.

There are many different things which one can do in this amazing game of Clash of Clans. With so many interesting ways to win and defeat your enemies, Clash of Clans requires of you a lot of strategic actions. The better you are able to deploy the troops along with sufficient resources, the better your chances of winning are. In order to win, it is necessary for you to destroy at least fifty percent of the existing infrastructure of the village which you are attacking. Make sure to have a plan and not lose too much gold and elixir unnecessarily. Invest in the right infrastructure in order to be able to defend your land.